process control block in os definition

for every process, there is a process control block. in process control block in os entire information (attribute of a process) is present. for every process, we have one process control block. all PCB is present in a form of linked list. a particular process can be identified through one PCB but all the process can be identified through the list of the process.

All of the information needed to keep track of a process when switching is kept in a data package called a process control block. The process control block in os typically contains:

pcb process control block in os

  1. process id
  2. the program counter
  3. process state
  4. priority
  5. general purpose register
  6. list of open file
  7. Memory-related information
  8. protection

what is the process?

the process is something which is created by the operating system to execute a program.before execution of a program, we suppose to create a process.

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process control block in os pcb

  1. process id:-

when a new process born operating system give some id for identification to a process called process id. In other words, it is an identification number that uniquely identifies the processes of the computer system.

2. the program counter:-

program counter keeps the address of next instruction to be executed. this is also managed by process control block.

3. Process state:-

A process from its creation till its death goes through the various state. the process state of any process can be New, running, waiting, executing, blocked, suspended, terminated.


whenever any process is created by the operating system is assigned something called priority. A process with higher priority supposes to be executed first compare to the process that has lower priority.

5. General purpose register:-

General purpose registers are not used for storing any specific type of information. Instead, operands, as well as addresses, are stored at the time of program execution. However, the operand and the address information may not be of the same size.

6. List of open file:-

During the execution of the file, some file is to be open for reading or writing purpose. process control block manage the list of open file to make the process consistent means we should know which file is open by which process and after the process complete their execution terminate the file.

7. Memory-related information:-

This section of the process control block comprises of page and segment tables. It also stores the data contained in base and limit registers.

OS security refers to specified steps or measures used to protect the OS from threats, viruses, worms, malware or remote hacker intrusions. OS security encompasses all preventive-control techniques, which safeguard any computer assets capable of being stolen, edited or deleted if OS security is compromised.




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