how to prepare for an interview | interview tips

interview tips, how to prepare for an interview

Today I am going to tell about interview tips and interview preparation. I will explain how to prepare for an interview, tips for interview and how to get a good job that matches with your skill. There are a number of steps you can follow before and after the interview to make a terrific impression during the interview. Following are some tips you should follow to prepare for the interview.

interview tips

1. Make a list of companies according to your skill

how to prepare for an interview

It will help you to get a good job, but before that, you have to understand your skill, and when you are confident about your interest then make a list of companies that are working on that field.

Research the organization


Then you have to research the organization,  try to collect all information about the company , go to the companies website and collect data that will help you for your preparation, you can refer other websites also and note down all information. It will help you to make interest in the organization .

how to prepare for an interview, interview tips

  1. Prepare for interview

Now collect blue print of an interview question means (numbers of interview round and what type of question they usually ask) for each company and start your preparation. You should have to visit many website and collect and analysis the previous year questions and try to solve all question. When you will able to solve that will make a confident that is most important things to crack any interview.

  1. Build your resumeresume

You are completed your preparation and you are ready for interview. The big question and most important things . Have u prepared your resume according to the companies requirement. If you have prepared  that s great but not then u have to prepare because. Your resume should be according to companies request than only u will crack an interview, u should have give more time for resume preparation.

How to write a resume click here

Do you know your resume is your question???? Why I am telling this line because interviewer will ask 70 to 80 percent question from your resume so be confident whatever you have written in your resume.

  1. Plan what to wear what to bringdress code

What to wear You should have wear formal dress and make sure that cloths are neat and clean and wrinkle free and your shoes must be polished.

What to bring 

  1. Extra copies of your resume
  2. Pen, pencil
  3. Notepad
  4. Information whatever you wrote in resume like project information screen shot etc.

6. Ready for HR question.

interview tips


Make a list of HR questions and prepare for that.  

HR Question and Answer        

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